Below is a collection of resources for affordable housing tenants and advocates.

Tenant Resources

  • Tenant’s Right to Organize: Real Property Law 230 protects tenants right to form, join, or participate in tenant groups.
  • Tenants Rights in Foreclosure:  A guide for tenants whose buildings fall into foreclosure: your rights during this time!
  • How to Organize a Tenant Association (English and Spanish): A simple, step-by-step guide on how to get your neighbors organized.
  • What Happens in a Multi-Family Foreclosure (English and Spanish): This double-sided work sheet illustrates various outcomes of a foreclosure, and how that process could look for tenants. It also provides FAQ’s about foreclosure for tenants.
  • HP Action Procedures (English)
  • HP Action Procedures (Spanish)
  • Models of Ownership (English)
  • Models of Ownership (Spanish)
  • HPD Heat/Hot water Record
  • Apartment Condition Checklist (English)
  • Apartment Condition Checklist (Spanish)
  • Instructions for Using E-Courts/ Bronx County Clerk
  • What is the Alternative Enforcement Program FAQ
  • Cuál es el Programa de Cumplimiento Alternativo FAQ
  • Where to Find a Housing Lawyer
  • BUYOUTS: Should I Stay or Should I Go?: An analysis of your options when your landlord offers you money to leave your apartment.

Research and Reports

  • Predatory Equity: Affordable Housing Under Attack: Our take on what’s happening in multi-family real-estate today
  • Mapping Six NYC Slumlords: This map illustrates buildings where 6 major NY slumlords have successfully bought and deregulated apartments, forcing tenants out and permanently decreasing NY’s stock of affordable housing.
  • Getting Started on Predatory Equity Research in Your City: This guide, developed by Tom Waters for the Community Service Society, is a handy way to learn more about Predatory Equity and begin to fight it in your community!
  • Predatory Equity: Evolution of a Crisis: This guide, produced by ANHD, summarizes the Predatory Equity cycle between 2005-2009, and can be a useful guide to gain a better understanding of how Predatory Equity functions in NYC.
  • Breaking the Banks: This report details our several year long campaign against New York Community Bank and explores how tenants and community groups worked with the bank to create a replicable program for revitalizing distressed rental housing across New York City.
  • The Crown Heights Tenant Union Demands: A list of ten demands written and ratified by tenants of Crown Heights that they hope to get landlords to agree to in order to fight the cycle of displacement and rent-overcharges which is destroying the neighborhood.